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Description:  display scrolling text box on the screen. you control where it will be positioned on the screen, what is the width of the box border and the speed of the scrolling. the box can be either part of your page, where you have to declare it like this: <Div name="ScrollBox" id="ScrollBox"></Div> and it will appear in that place, and the lines will be added automatically when page is loaded, or you can have the box anywhere on the screen. you control all these things by changing the javascript values in the script below, currently it's working example with three lines, along with description to each line. Usage: 1. copy and paste the code below, and save it as "Scroll.js" 2. in the page where you want the box to appear, have this code: <script language="javascript" src="Scroll.js"></script> 3. set the lines to be written in the box, and give the desired position. Good luck, hope it would come up useful. Yahav
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