Companies today face a broad range of security threats to their information technology (IT). Business leaders must choose a service provider who is not only seasoned in providing IT services, but also has deep knowledge and expertise to address security needs. Brinkster has managed enterprise systems and addressed security threats of all kinds for over thirteen years. Although security is a part of all the services we provide, listed below are some of the security products and services we offer.

Brinkster has partnered with Cisco to offer the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). The ASA provides comprehensive, highly effective intrusion prevention system (IPS) with Cisco Global Correlation and high-performance VPN and remote access.
Brinkster has partnered with Radware to offer Radware's DefensePro®. The award-winning DefensePro® is a real-time network attack prevention device that protects your application infrastructure against network & application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, network anomalies, information theft and other emerging network attacks.
Brinkster has partnered with ZixCorp, the industry leader in Email Encryption to offer secure encrypted email. Businesses in the healthcare, financial, insurance and other industries can use Brinkster's Encrypted Email to meet compliance and privacy requirements. This service is HIPAA Compliant.