The Brinkster Hosted Desktop solution

Brinkster offers the Citrix Powered Hosted Desktop solution in a pay-as-you-go model.

Brinkster’s Hosted Desktop is a fully-managed hosted desktop solution that offers unprecedented access to a complete Windows environment, loaded with both MS apps, and as an option, custom or traditional Windows applications, provided by Brinkster or the customer.

Hosted Desktop functions and performs just like a normal desktop, except it’s being delivered through the Cloud and displayed virtually on your Cloud-ready device. Logging into your Brinkster Hosted Desktop replaces having to be tied to your office or home PC, and frees you up to work on any Cloud-ready device (see Supported Devices below), at any time, on any source, including wi-fi, cell, or broadband.

Brinkster uses Citrix Cloud Computing technology in their data center and the customer uses the Citrix Receiver on their device.

Brinkster Hosted Desktops are delivered through the Cloud and are represented as if the Windows operating system were running on whatever device is in use. Users simply login with their credentials using the Citrix Receiver and a fully loaded desktop seamlessly appears and is ready for use within seconds.

Users are able to access their Brinkster Hosted Desktop in the same manner as they would sitting at a traditional PC, and can access custom-loaded applications and data from over 1,000 different devices. By utilizing Brinkster’s Hosted Desktop solution, users never have to worry about upgrading software, applying patches, updating virus definitions, or backing up data. It’s all taken care of by MS and Citrix staff so you can focus on your business and not your network.

Performance SLAs in the cloud are now a reality.

We want to offer a standard level of performance that every customer can get and can always expect. SolidFire is fueling guaranteed performance SLAs that address every customer’s application needs.

"As the cloud becomes the home for true Tier-1 applications, having solutions like SolidFire on the backend is essential. It’s the only way we will guarantee the enterprise-class level of service that our customers expect from a top cloud service provider."

"We want to offer a standard level of performance that every customer can get and can always expect."

Supported Devices

PC, iPhone, MAC, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Linux-Based Appliances, Notebooks and Netbooks, Thin and Cloud Clients

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