The Cloud is best described as an IT service that is provided off-premise. At Brinkster, in addition to domain names, we've been providing IT services in the Cloud since our inception in 1999. These services include:

  • Managed Dedicated Hosting
  • Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Email Hosting

For most small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), these services meet their needs. In fact, if you read the article "Not in the Cloud yet? Join the Crowd" in the March/April Issue of Cloud Magazine, you learned that 87% of small businesses and 64% of mid-sized businesses still aren't in the Cloud. Their next steps are to join the Cloud by hosting their websites or email off-premise or using Cloud-based applications like

So, you may be asking "what's all the excitement about the Cloud these days"? Well, if you're in one of industries that we identified in the Cloud Magazine article "14 Industries Ready to Explode", then you should be aware of what's called "Cloud Computing". That is the use of on-demand, off-premise, conveniently scalable computing resources. For these industries and others yet to be identified, Cloud computing is going to change the game. Brinkster will be there.

Open StackIn 2011, Brinkster became a member of the OpenStack Community, a global collaboration of companies working to produce the best available Cloud computing platform. Right now, we are implementing top of the line hardware components for the Brinkster Premier Cloud Platform and Service offering.

We anticipate launching our Cloud computing platform in mid-Summer 2012. For those of you in industries poised to take advantage of Cloud computing, we're going to be offering some serious computing power.

One thing is clear, businesses have begun a migration to the Cloud. If you currently host your website or email on-premise, you should consider moving to the Cloud. We've been doing this a long time, and we're here to help. If you need help, and if you want to reduce your burden, we'll manage your server for you.

Let us know if we can help: (800) 345-7084.

Jared Stauffer, CEO
Jared Stauffer, CEO
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