An ASP Overview
Variables - 3 Part Guide
String Manipulation
Arrays - 4 Part Guide
SubRoutines and Functions
Hidden Form Values
Date and Time Manipultation
Formating Numbers
ServerVariables & Browser Detection
Error Detection
Advanced ASP
HTML Basics
Java Script
SQL Basics
Database Basics
Getting Started - An ASP Overview     Back to Top
The Response Object
The Request Object
The Application Object
The Session Object
The Server Object
Step By Step... Your First ASP page with Brinkster.
All About Variables     Back to Top
1 : Defining and Using
2 : Variable SubTypes, Using and converting to them
3 : Checking for specific SubTypes
String Manipulation     Back to Top
How To Parse Strings
Converting to upper and lower case
Arrays     Back to Top
1 : The Basics
2 : Functions related to arrays explained
3 : Multi-dimensional arrays
4 : Recordsets in to a multi-dimensional arrays
Conditionals     Back to Top
1 : If and Select Statements, How
2 : If and Select Statements, When and Why
SubRoutines and Functions     Back to Top
1 : When, where and how
2 : How to pass values in to a Sub or Function
Hidden Form Values     Back to Top
1 : Use hidden form values to your advantage, Part 1
2 : Use hidden form values to your advantage, Part 2
Date and Time Manipultation     Back to Top
Format Dates and Times
1 : Extracting parts of the date out with DatePart()
2 : Adding & Subtracting Dates & Times
3 : Find the amount of time between dates with DateDiff()
4 : Getting the day, month, year, weekday, and weekday name
Formating Numbers     Back to Top
1 : Integers
2 : Currency
3 : Percentages
Looping     Back to Top
1 : For...Next Statements
2 : Do...Loop Statements
3 : While...WEnd Statements
4 : For Each...Next Statements
ServerVariables and Browser Detection     Back to Top
How to get the server variables
Simple browser detection
Error detection     Back to Top
Using the Exit statement
On Error Resume Next Explained
Trapping Errors with the Err Object
Advanced ASP     Back to Top
Application Object Explained
Session Object Explained
Encapsulate Code
Use Include Files
HTML Basics     Back to Top
Targeting in Frames Quick Reference
For HTML Forms, Should I use GET or POST?
Java Script     Back to Top
Hello World Example
How to use Logical Operators
How to parse strings
SQL Basics     Back to Top
1 : Select Statement
2 : Select with the Where Clause
3 : Insert Statement
4 : Update Statement
5 : Delete Statement
6 : And, Or & Order By
Insert records in to a database
Update records in a database
Database Basics     Back to Top
How to know if no records were returned
Dealing With Nulls in Your Database
How To Secure Your Access Database
How to connect to a database without a DSN (DSN-Less Connection)