Pete Hale, CIO
2H Systems LLC

"2H Systems is pleased to recommend Brinkster Communications Corporation. 2H Systems is a consulting firm that licenses its proprietary web-based, data intake/output system. The Web Framework is configurable and serves multiple state agencies while presenting unique environments and custom tools for each. The Framework's only interface is a web browser. Consequently, web applications, databases, physical security, and email services are all provided by Brinkster.

We became a customer of Brinkster Corporation on 3/4/2003. 2H Systems depends on Brinkster for delivery of our core services to our clients. Without this service, the majority of our clients would be unable to perform their daily work. Additionally, our state agencies would be unable to collect key legislative data reporting elements that help ensure their future funding.

We are confident that Brinkster has the capacity, knowledge, and scalability to meet your entity's needs. Having personally experienced Brinkster's ability to provide custom hardware solutions that match our needs as well as quickly troubleshoot questions and issues, we will continue to be a customer for many years. 2H Systems has grown from just an idea to full-fledged enterprise data solution using their very scalable services. We highly recommend their solutions and plan to keep our business with them indefinitely. A key operating concept that Brinkster incorporates is their effort to continuously improve. In the long run, the service that we have now is even better than when we started."


Pete Hale
CIO, 2H Systems LLC

John Robb, VP of Global Sales & Products
Zimbra, a Yahoo! Company

"I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Brinkster Communication Corporation.

Our partnership with Brinkster began in January of 2006. Brinkster was one of the first companies to deploy the Zimbra Collaboration Suite in a large hosted environment. To date, Brinkster has one of the largest geographical footprints of Zimbra users. This partnership with Brinkster has played an important role in the current success of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Brinkster has proven itself to be a company comprised of business and technology professionals that operate with the utmost integrity, professionalism and efficiency. We are proud to be associated with and have our brand and products represented by a company of such high caliber."


John Robb
VP of Global Sales and Products
Zimbra, a Yahoo! Company