Features & Benefits

Key Features and Benefits of IPS, NBA, DoS Protection and Reputation Services

Maintain Business Continuity and Productivity
Real-time protection and intrusion prevention against known and emerging network attacks

  • Vulnerability-based attacks that exploit server application weaknesses including Web, Mail, DNS, FTP, SIP, SQL server vulnerabilities
  • Non-vulnerability-based attacks that misuse server resources including:
    • Application DoS – HTTP , SIP, and other flood attacks
    • Authentication defeat - brute force attacks
    • Information theft – application scanning
  • DoS/DDoS flood attacks that misuse network bandwidth resources
  • Real-time Anti-Trojan and Anti-Phishing service, targeted to fight against financial fraud, information theft and malware spread

Accurate Attack Prevention

  • Real-time signatures are generated for each attack pattern only, using up to 20 different parameters
  • Block attacks without blocking legitimate users' traffic

High Performance

  • Platform selection up to 12Gbps plus of full network traffic inspection and protection
  • Dedicated hardware acceleration against DDoS attacks
    • Block high packets-per-second (PPS) attacks that overuse the CPU resources of your networking and security equipment
    • No need to compromise on security when your network is under attack
    • Maintain excellent user response time even under attack
  • XGE (10Ge) ports