Load Balancing

Brinkster has partnered with Radware to offer the Alteon ADC Load Balancing solution. Radware’s Alteon ADC solution provides advanced and comprehensive application delivery capabilities needed to effectively meet challenges of application deployment and application delivery of today’s mission critical websites and web applications.

The Alteon ADC load balancing solution delivers a complete set of services to ensure the availability, performance and security of your mission critical applications. Application aware traffic redirection capabilities including content switching, session persistency and advanced servers health monitoring combined with denial-of-service mitigation and SYN flood protection guarantee the application availability under any circumstances. To ensure complete business continuity, the solution also offers a multi-site global server load balancing solution.

Integrated Application Acceleration Capabilities with FastView™

Radware’s Alteon ADC delivers a wide set of advanced application acceleration capabilities, designed to accelerate application response time while offloading server processing. By offloading processor intensive operations, such as SSL, web compression, caching, HTTP multiplexing and TCP optimization, it frees the servers’ CPUs to handle additional requests, which results in reduced application servers hardware and lower CAPEX.

Radware’s FastView™ result-driven acceleration technology adds Web Performance Optimization (WPO) capabilities on top of the standard ADC application acceleration features to deliver the fastest Web application response time and ensure best application SLA. The result is best business impact for increased revenues, more page views, higher customer loyalty as well as improved employee productivity when using enterprise web applications, for all browsers and all end-user device types – starting from the first page visit.

When Alteon ADC is deployed with mission critical applications, users, partners and employees benefit from best quality of experience and fastest response time of the applications, resulting in improved productivity and increased revenues. For example, when deploying Alteon with Microsoft SharePoint, the response time of the SharePoint application is accelerated by 350% and the servers’ CPU load is reduced by 40%. Similar benefits are achieved with other popular applications.


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