What are Brinkster Certified Professional Services?

Brinkster provides over 12 years of industry experience with Windows Servers. We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to maintain a server, but still has the need for one. Supplement yourself or your business’ IT staff with our knowledgeable team of Windows Server 2008 R2 certified MCP’s. We can provide you with support for the technologies you need to successfully operate your Windows Server.

What services can you provide?

We want to provide you with the help you need to move your web services into the solution best fit for you and your business. Please see our comprehensive list of technologies and services we can provide through Brinkster Certified Professional Services.

What is the cost?

Brinkster provides as requested services at the normal hourly rate with a one hour minimum per incident. Subscribe to a monthly commitment and reduce your normal hourly rates, we will also waive the initiation fee the first time you subscribe. Monthly commitments are billed at 2 (minimum) discounted hours per month; use your hours with a 30 minute minimum per incident. Tag in any additional Windows Servers you subscribe to through Brinkster (at $25 per server) and use your hours on any of your subscribed systems.

What do I get with the monthly commitment?

Brinkster provides you with (minimum) 2 service hours usable during your current billing cycle. These hours are usable in 30 minute increments and can be used for any of the supported services.

Why should I subscribe?

Brinkster provides you with a team of IT personnel available at our hourly discounted rates. You can purchase or subscribe to additional hours at discounted rates. Supplement your current staff with as much or as little help as you need. Our team members are all certified Windows Server MCP’s backed up by Brinkster’s 12 years of industry experience. Consider the cost of adding another employee to your staff; vacation, insurance, sick days, holidays, etc. We’ve got you covered and your time is available at your discretion.
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Standard Rate: $125/hr
Standard rates apply 14:00-23:00 GMT. Otherwise the rate is $250/hr.
$149 for block of (2 hours)
Standard rates apply 14:00-23:00 GMT, Monday-Friday.
$210 for block of (3 hours)
Standard rates apply 14:00-23:00 GMT, Monday-Friday.
$390 for block of (6 hours)
Standard rates apply 14:00-23:00 GMT, Monday-Friday.
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Windows Server Troubleshooting
Operating system re-installation
IIS - website, ftp management
ASP.NET installation
PHP installation
MS SQL Server management
MySQL management
MailServer management with SmarterMail
SSL Certificates
IP address management
Windows Updates
Windows Firewall
Data Transfer
Custom scripts and tasks
Hardware Migration
Plesk control panel management
Disaster Recovery - *Automated Backups required1
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