Brinkster Hosted Desktop Advantages

Brinkster allows clients to take advantage of enterprise-level IT solutions without the headache of installing, supporting, and maintaining complicated server/desktop hardware and software. By allowing businesses to outsource this increasingly complex and expensive necessity, Brinkster provides extraordinary benefit that can help increase your business's efficiency and effectiveness.

Fixed Costs:
In today's competitive world the unknown in regards to IT can be a nightmare. Many times the only known is that your IT will probably cost more this year than last. But with Brinkster, you always know how much IT will cost PER USER, on a fixed 1-3 year period, allowing you to not only "pay-as-you-go" but to budget for exactly what you need.

The capital expenditure cycle can be a thing of the past as you can utilize existing hardware or Brinkster infrastructure on an "as needed" basis. Growth with Brinkster is much easier and simpler than having to fight the never-evending cycle of replacement costs, and the complexity involved in the traditional physical/distributed processing model, in use today.


Security Management:
Security management is centralized, enabling you to provide better and more effective security than traditional IT environments currently allow. No more having to "patch" PC's or manage virus definitions. Read, write, and access privileges can be centrally managed, providing high-security customization.


Disaster Recovery:
Now more than ever, businesses are focusing on business continuity and disaster recovery planning. By utilizing Brinkster's Hosted Desktop, your business can rest assured that company information and IT infrastructure will remain intact in the face of natural or man-made disasters. Your data, located in a Brinkster facility, when virtualized, can be off loaded to any part of the country for access. Brinkster's Hosted Desktop offers true "flexibility" in the wake of a disaster, which equals valuable uptime for your business. With a Brinkster account, your data is only as far away as a cell phone or internet connection!


By utilizing Citrix to deliver the Hosted Desktop and applications, users are able to access their desktop by simply downloading the Citrix Receiver (for free as many times as needed) to their PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Droid or almost any smart phone. And since each user's Virtual Desktop is linked to their respective company's hosted server infrastructure, you'll have access to your company data along with all hosted applications that your company uses or subscribes to - 24/7, from any Cloud-ready device, over almost any bandwidth, from almost any location.


All system and software maintenance is handled by Brinkster's trained and experienced IT staff, ensuring that your desktop environment is always delivered on-demand, with minimal disruption, so you can keep working without worrying about applying updates, patches, or accidently crashing your system. We also include Citrix support and maintenance at no additional cost.


Brinkster's Hosted Desktop solution allows for fast scalability, both backwards and forwards. Getting a new user a desktop with all their pertinent applications and software has never been easier. Within minutes, a Hosted Desktop can be launched and delivered — ready-to-use, anywhere around the world, from any Cloud-ready device. Regardless of how fast your company might be growing, Brinkster's Hosted Desktop solution allows you to be in control of your virtual IT infrastructure and offers an unprecedented level of flexibility in the process.


The nature of Brinkster's Hosted Desktop solution provides inherent protection against consequences of device theft. Stealing a Brinkster "display device" means criminals no longer have access to any company data on that device. And, without login-credentials, no access can be gained to pertinent company data, and combined with centralized security management, individual users can be powered off and denied access "immediately" upon termination - in minutes, not hours or days. The theft of a PC, notebook, thin client, (any device really) only results in the loss of "the device" and not any company data on your server.

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