Green Initiatives

Brinkster has found multiple ways we can adjust our business practices to have a positive impact on the environment. From car pooling to server virtualization – we are making a difference. With our new virtualization initiative and a new dedicated server infrastructure we are reducing energy consumption by up to 75%. Brinkster also purchases renewable energy credits for Wind Power sustainability.

100% Wind Energy Green Host Wind Energy
100% of the energy used to power the datacenter and offices at Brinkster comes from Wind Energy (via Renewable Energy Credits), making us a Green host.
Green Certificate Green Certificate
Your website, hosted at Brinkster, is qualified for our Green Certificate that comes with the Brinkster Green Badges.
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency
On top of the use of wind energy, our servers are green as well, using less than 50% of the energy of typical web hosting servers.
Market Your Eco-Friendliness Market Your Eco-Friendliness
Tell the world, and especially your website visitors about the energy efficiency of your website via ECO Hosting by using our green badges.
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Showcase Your Green

Marketing experts agree that green marketing works. Tell your customers that your green website hosting powered by 100% Wind Energy. When you host with Brinkster you qualify to use one of the green badges below.

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Make Your Website Green

Once you put one of the green badges on your website it will link to the Brinkster Green Certificate. This certificate shows your visitors that your website is powered by 100% wind energy via Renewable Energy Credits from 3Degrees, a reputable REC provider.

Brinkster's Green Host Certificate