Brinkster Unveils a White-Label Cloud Partner Program With Up to 65% Margins

Released: 2014-09-08

Brinkster’s New White-Label Cloud Partner Program Enables Resellers to Sell Cloud Services at Amazon or Rackspace Prices and Earn Up to 65% Margin

NEW ORLEANS, LA (Sept 8, 2014) – Today at the Cloud Channel Partners Conference 2014, Brinkster, a leading cloud IaaS provider, introduced a White-Label Cloud Partner Program that enables resellers to sell cloud services at Amazon or Rackspace prices and earn up to a 65% margin. The program leverages Brinkster’s innovative patent-pending proprietary hardware platform, resulting in an ultra-low cost structure that is passed along to resellers. “Brinkster's proprietary hardware platform plus its high margin white-label cloud partner program are a disruptive addition to the market. A margin of up to 65% on market pricing for cloud services is an attractive option for resellers, particularly those who want to deliver the services under their own brands,” said Liam Eagle, Analyst 451 Research.

Brinkster’s Cloud Services Platform is a full-featured automated system that utilizes the latest in Intel processors, high-performance computing motherboards, and 100% solid-state drive (SSD) storage. Resellers start by choosing what pricing tier they want to go to market with. If they choose to sell at Amazon Web Services pricing, they will start at 20% margin and can quickly move up to 40% margin. If they choose to sell at Rackspace raw infrastructure pricing, they will start at 30% margin and can quickly move up to 65% margin. In addition to Public Cloud, resellers also have the ability to sell Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Bare Metal (Dedicated) Solutions, VMware Cloud Solutions, Hosted Desktop (VDI), and Disaster Recovery Solutions. “Resellers can now sell cloud services at competitive rates, under their own brand, and start with margins that are well above where most programs top out,” said Jared Stauffer, Brinkster’s CEO.

“We believe that value added resellers, system integrators, and managed service providers are uniquely positioned as the trusted IT services advisor to millions of small to medium sized businesses. Brinkster’s Cloud Services Platform coupled with the services of these trusted advisors represents an excellent customer solution and tremendous growth opportunity for Brinkster and our partners,” adds Jason Boffo, Brinkster’s VP of Sales.

Utilizing Brinkster’s Cloud Services Platform, resellers have the opportunity to add a self-branded cloud services offering to their existing product and services suite. As an example, partners can add cloud services to existing service specialties like architecture design, cloud management, security, compliance, or application management to further differentiate and increase profit margins.

The White-Label Cloud Partner Program joins Brinkster’s family of partner programs and includes the following partners: IT Workshop, cStor, Valor Global, and Cogent Communications amongst others.

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Brinkster is a leading provider of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and White-Label Cloud (WLC), with over 25,000 customers in 175 countries. Brinkster’s patent pending proprietary hardware platform enables it to offer services with higher quality service, significantly larger margins for resellers, and greater flexibility. Brinkster's industry leading solutions include Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage, and Hosted Desktops (VDI) each sold through Value Added Resellers or White-Label Cloud Resellers.

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