Brinkster and Radware to Unveil a New Cloud-Based / On-Premise Anti-DDoS Solution at the Arizona Technology Summit

Released: 2013-09-25

MAHWAH, N.J., Sept. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Radware® (Nasdaq:RDWR), a leading provider of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, today announced that Brinkster, a leading provider of custom Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, is to launch a new Hybrid Attack Mitigation Service based on Radware's award winning network and application security technologies.

The offering combines the benefits of volumetric flood protection through a Brinkster operated cloud scrubbing service, together with Radware's customer based or "on-premise" DefensePro®, a real-time perimeter security product.

Brinkster, a Phoenix, AZ based Custom Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Provider, currently offers a range of hosted services that are secured against cyber security threats by Radware's Attack Mitigation System. The same level of protection is now available to Brinkster clients that subscribe to this new Hybrid AMS offering; entire operations can now be secured with the most comprehensive anti-DDoS protection available on the market.

DefensePro helps safeguard business continuity by blocking Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, application vulnerability exploits, malware and other emerging network attacks at the enterprise perimeter. Only on-premise solutions can detect and mitigate attacks in real-time.

However, on-premise availability solutions are susceptible to massive volumetric attacks - DDoS floods that can saturate a business' internet connectivity. Such attacks are best mitigated in the cloud.

Should a volumetric attack threaten to congest an organization's internet pipe, Brinkster's cloud scrubbing service works in harmony with DefensePro to detect and mitigate attacks in real-time and to automatically invoke cloud-based scrubbing. Additionally, information about an attack is communicated between the enterprise's on-premise DefensePro and Brinkster's cloud, enabling immediate attack mitigation.

This hybrid model ensures that SSL encrypted attacks, low & slow attacks, and other attack vectors that cannot be handled by cloud-only anti-DDoS solutions are blocked at the enterprise data center perimeter.

Brinkster is a Radware value-added reseller of Radware's Attack Mitigation System product line. As such, Brinkster is now offering the Hybrid AMS solution to new clients and its base of over 50,000 worldwide customers.

"By merging on-premise and cloud attack mitigation, Radware's hybrid solution enables us to widen our security coverage and minimize the response time to a cyber attack," says Jared Stauffer, chief executive officer of Brinkster. "Employing this 'best of breed' solution takes our managed custom cloud services to the next level, and we look forward to demonstrating this capability during the Arizona technology summit."

"Standard cloud-based anti-DDoS services simply can't detect and block attacks in real-time, nor can they deal with the growing number of SSL encrypted attacks that we're seeing," says Amir Peles, vice president of technology, Radware. "Enterprises that depend on their on-line systems to conduct business should employ hybrid cloud-based / on-premise solutions if they want to protect their operations against the persistent, multi-vector attacks that are in use today."

Radware and Brinkster will be showcasing this new Hybrid Attack Mitigation Service during the 5th Annual Arizona Technology Summit located at the Phoenix Convention Center on September 25th 2013.

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