Pricing and Flavors

Flavors designed to meet any workload.

Our Cloud Server flavors are designed to meet an array of workloads. From corporate websites, to mission-critical applications, we've got a flavor to meet your needs. Check out our full line of Cloud Server flavors below.

Windows + SQL STD
Windows + SQL WEB
vCPU Memory (GB) Storage (GB) System (GB) Data Xfer* (MB) /Mo. Price
1GB 1 1 20 200 $25.56
2GB 2 2 20 40 400 $68.12
4GB 4 4 40 40 800 $132.24
8GB 8 8 80 40 1,600 $233.60
15GB 4 15 150 1,250 1,250 $374.90
30GB 8 30 300 40 2,500 $745.80
60GB 16 60 5,000 600 5,000 $1,487.60
90GB 24 90 7,500 900 7,500 $2,229.40
120GB 32 120 10,000 1,200 10,000 $2,971.00
* The amount of aggregate outbound data transfer across all networks. Inbound traffic is not limited.

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Outgoing Public Data Transfer

Data Transfer Rate
First 1TB Free
Next 10TB $0.12/GB
Next 40TB $0.10/GB
Next 150TB $0.08/GB
Next 300TB $0.07/GB
Next 524TB $0.06/GB
Over 1,024TB Contact Sales

Incoming Public and Internal Data Transfer

There is no charge for incoming public and internal data transfer.

Cloud VM Images

Custom Cloud VM image storage: $0.10/GB per month. Images are compressed before they are stored. If you delete a Cloud Server, any images created from it will persist until you delete them.

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We know the power of Cloud and we love showing our customers how to leverage it. We don’t see ourselves as Expert Support gurus; but as your partner. Dedicated to helping you grow.

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