Pricing and Flavors

Flavors designed to meet any workload.

Our Cloud Server flavors are designed to meet an array of workloads. From corporate websites, to mission-critical applications, we've got a flavor to meet your needs. Check out our full line of Cloud Server flavors below.

vCPU Memory Persistent
Storage (GB)
/Mo. Price /Mo. Units
1 Unit = 1 cent
1 vCPU, 512 MB RAM 1 512 MB 20 SSD $14.00 1,400
1 vCPU, 1GB RAM 1 1 GB 20 SSD $19.00 1,900
2 vCPU, 2GB RAM 2 2 GB 60 SSD $41.00 4,100
2 vCPU, 4GB RAM 2 4 GB 80 SSD $64.00 6,400
4 vCPU, 8GB RAM 4 8 GB 120 SSD $122.00 12,200
4 vCPU, 16GB RAM 4 16 GB 120 SSD $202.00 20,200
Rates may vary depending on actual server specifications chosen and bandwidth usage.

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Understanding Units: 1 Unit = $ .01 USD

To allow for the use of global currencies, Brinkster Cloud Servers are accessed through the purchasing and allocating of Units. Each unit is the equivalent of one cent = (US $0.01). For example, if you purchase a Cloud Server that costs $50 per month, the equivalent cost in Units would be 5000 Units.

How can I purchase Units?

Units can be purchased from inside the Cloud Services Control Panel in either set block amounts or in auto top-up block amounts. Click on “Billing” in the top menu, then click “Buy Units”.

What is an auto top-up unit and how does it work?

When you select to purchase auto top-up Units the purchase of the first block will be purchased immediately. Once your Units balance reaches 25% of the auto top-up amount, the selected auto top-up unit block will automatically be purchased again. This pattern will continue until you turn this off by click on “Billing” from the top menu in the Cloud Services control panel, then “Buy Units”, then click the button next to the auto top-up you want to turn off.

Example Conversion Table:

Units US Dollars
10,000 $100.00
50,000 $500.00
100,000 $1,000.00


What flavor is right for you?

Let our team of Cloud Server Experts help you find the perfect flavor.

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Data Transfer & IP Addresses

Internal Data Xfer No Cost
Outgoing Data Xfer $0.05/GB  |  5 Units/GB
IP Address Monthly $3.65 per Month  |  365 Units per Month

Disk Usage and Disk I/O

Your Cloud Server will enjoy lightning performance with our all SSD persistent storage disks. For low I/O applications you can run SATA storage with a considerable cost savings over SSD. With persistent storage the content on the disk that has changed since you launched the image is preserved when you reboot or power off the server.

SSD Disk Usage $0.15/GB per Month  |  15/GB Units per Month
SATA Disk Usage $0.03/GB per Month  |  3/GB Units per Month
Disk I/O $0.00005 per GB  |  0.005 Units per GB

Images and Snapshots

You can create an image or snapshot of your Cloud Server. These can be used as point in time backups, to save configurations done to date, or to provide images to spin up on-the-fly. Images are compressed before they are stored. If you delete a Cloud Server, any images created from it will persist until you delete them.

Images/Snapshots per Month $0.10 per GB Month  |  10 Units per GB Month


For your protection we have made built in software firewalls available. With your firewall you can configure rules to allow your server to be all public, all private, or somewhere in the middle.

Firewall per Month $7.30 per Month  |  730 Units per Month


24x7x365 Support.

We know the power of Cloud and we love showing our customers how to leverage it. We don’t see ourselves as Expert Support gurus; but as your partner. Dedicated to helping you grow.

-The Expert Support Team

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