What can Brinkster Cloud Services be used for?

Brinkster Cloud Services is built for applications/workloads of all shapes and sizes. Some examples of use are client-server apps, mobile apps, and database driven apps. With Brinkster Cloud Services you have complete and direct control over the server including command line, shell and SSH access.


What are the advantages of using Brinkster Cloud Services?

Brinkster Cloud Services places enterprise grade computing power and resources in your hands at the click of a button. You can spin up a server with the specs of your choosing in minutes and then turn it off if you are not using it. The control panel is easy to learn and use and is supplemented by a set of API’s. Brinkster uses KVM virtualization and provides a broad set of documentation to help you along the way.

Brinkster also offers 24x7x365 support via Live Chat, Phone, and Case.


Why would I use a Cloud Server instead of a shared web hosting package?

With Brinkster Cloud Services you have full control over the server you are on, no “noisy neighbor” issues, and the ability to add resources or remove them as you need them.


Why would I use a Cloud Server instead of a dedicated server / bare-metal server?

Cloud Servers can be created in minutes, to your exact specifications, and scaled up or down on the fly. To adjust RAM or disk size on your server simply turn it off, adjust the settings, turn it on, make any necessary operating system adjustments, and you are done. With a dedicated server you would have to make the request and then this would have to be done manually by an admin, a process that takes hours instead of minutes with a Cloud Server.