SolidFire SSD

SolidFire SSD Storage: Guaranteed Performance.

SolidFire, with its 100% Solid State storage, provides industry-leading guaranteed IOPS for your mission critical apps. Say goodbye to the "noisy neighbor."

SolidFire & VMware

VMware's market share leading virtualization platform, vSphere, is a key foundational building block for accelerating a customer's journey from virtualization to cloud infrastructure. But while cloud holds significant promise, the inefficiency, cost and complexity of delivering applications built on legacy storage systems impair the ability of enterprise IT to take full advantage of the business and economics benefits of cloud computing.

VMware Certified

SolidFire's all-flash storage system tightly integrates with VMware ESX hypervisor. SolidFire is a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and the SF3010 and SF6010 products have been validated as VMware Ready. SolidFire leverages the vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) and Storage Awareness (VASA) to further enhance and extend vSphere functionality. VAAI integration allows for a much more efficient and performant hypervisor-network-storage exchange and eliminates unnecessary network traffic. By offloading specific storage operations to the SolidFire cluster vSphere can perform key operations faster and consume less CPU, memory and storage bandwidth.

Performance SLAs in the cloud are now a reality.

We want to offer a standard level of performance that every customer can get and can always expect. SolidFire is fueling guaranteed performance SLAs that address every customer’s application needs.

"As the cloud becomes the home for true Tier-1 applications, having solutions like SolidFire on the backend is essential. It’s the only way we will guarantee the enterprise-class level of service that our customers expect from a top cloud service provider."

"We want to offer a standard level of performance that every customer can get and can always expect."

– Nat Kemberling, CTO, Brinkster

VMware & Cloud Infrastructure

In a multi-tenant cloud environment, with lots of different applications and virtual machines operating in parallel it is difficult, if not impossible, to deliver any sort of performance consistency. While solving this problem solely from a hypervisor perspective is one option, it by itself is not the cure. In reality the hypervisor has very little control or visibility of the underlying storage system resources. A cloud infrastructure of any size demands a more coordinated approach across both host and storage resources.

With SolidFire's Quality of Service-centric architecture each virtual machine in your VMware infrastructure gets provisioned exactly the storage performance (IOPS) and capacity (GBs) it needs to operate in harmony within a shared storage environment. Over time API-based integration between hypervisors and storage systems, such as those being proposed by VMware's VVOLs vStorage API program will provide a much more holistic approach to managing storage Quality of Service (QoS) than what can be obtained from a hypervisor alone.

Brining the Software-Defined Storage Vision to Life

VMware's vision to drive increased VM-awareness and management granularity at the storage system layer pairs extremely well with SolidFire's QoS architecture. The ability to manage and provision storage quality-of-service policies within the virtual infrastructure that are then enforced down through to each virtual disk in the SolidFire storage system is a far more holistic approach than you can get from legacy storage vendors. The granular and dynamic nature of this policy setting and enforcement from the storage resource control plane through to the storage system is the true definition of a software-defined-storage framework.


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