Hosted Email - Desktop With Microsoft Outlook

Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook:

The Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook (ZCO) provides real time two-way synchronization of mail, contacts, tasks, and calendar between Outlook and the Zimbra server.

With ZCO and Zimbra, users may delegate access and have granular control of folder and sub-folder sharing. Plus, users and their delegates have access to shared content offline.


  • Email, contacts, calendar, and tasks natively sync via MAPI
  • Native integration, uses all Outlook UI
  • Delegate access to others (folders, email, contacts, schedule)
  • Supports both Online and Offline mode, including access to shared content Offline
  • Full support for Global Address List (GAL)
  • Sync optimized for fastest performance
  • Seamless auto-install, tools provided to pre-configure installer with server settings
  • Supports Outlook 2003 / 2007 / 2010

Zimbra Desktop:

The most robust desktop client solution to use with any version of Zimbra . It provides the most complete feature compatibility and supports all Zimbra open APIs.


  • Two-way email, contact, calendar, task, document desktop sync
  • Compatible with PC, Mac and Linux Desktops
  • Full offline support for all content, including shared files and delegated calendars*
  • Use with any email business, personal or consumer email account

Standards-Based Email and Calendar Clients:

Email clients such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora can be used with all Zimbra Servers to access email (via POP or IMAP). Calendar client synchronization is also available because Zimbra supports the iCal and CalDAV open-standards (for clients like Evolution, Mozilla Lightning and Apple iCal)*.


  • Access messages with any POP or IMAP email client
  • Access events on clients that support iCal or CalDAV*
  • Access contacts on clients that support CardDAV (Apple Address Book)
  • Sync all contacts with full import and export (.csv file)
*Not included with Premium Email.