Free Trial SSL Certificate

  • Free SSL Certificates at no cost or commitment
  • Free SSL that's the same as our paid Essential SSL
  • Trusted by 99.9% of browsers
  • Free Trial SSL from a Trusted Root Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Full Secure Sockets Layer functionality issued in minutes and good for 90 days. (The other sites only offer 30 day trials)

Get a Free SSL Certificate from Comodo

  • Test your new site's SSL security certificate before it goes live
  • See how easy it is to work with Comodo - Install your Certificate instantly
  • Don't let your security lapse - get a free certificate and stay secure if your current cert is expiring soon

A free certificate will secure your site or server for 90 days with full 128/256 bit encryption. To establish trust in addition to providing security, you should obtain an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. Comodo offers the widest variety of SSL products, so you can get SSL that suits your needs, and all our paid SSL Certificates come with a 30 day trial period and more free features like a site seal, trust logo, free vulnerability scan, amongst other benefits.

3 steps to set up Free Trial Certificates

  • Create your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) - instructions are provided at Checkout for IIS, Apache and all popular web server types
  • Sign up for your Free Trial Certificate - follow the fully automated authentication and issuance process
  • Install your Free Security Certificate - secure your server in minutes!

What Our Free Trial Certificate Can Do For Your Business

Our Free Trial SSL Certificate is a fully functional digital certificate, recognized and trusted by 99.9% of browsers. Comodo's 90-day FreeSSL certificate allows you to get rid of your website of security warning messages and gives you the golden padlock.

FreeSSL is a 90-day free license of our EssentialSSL certificate, which is a domain validated SSL certificate. These DV SSL certificates require a no-hassle paperless validation of domain ownership. With Comodo's FreeSSL Certificate, you can give your website the golden padlock and give your customers peace of mind with a high level of security.

Why Choose A Free SSL Certificate?

Comodo Free SSL Certificates provide SSL encryption. These low assurance or domain validated certificates can be used to test the security of a website or Internet server with a real C-A issued SSL certificate for ninety days, giving you adequate time to fully test your system, then select and install the right type of certificate for your ongoing operational needs.

They include a domain name on the certificate, display a padlock on a browser. Comodo Trial SSL certificates are trusted by over 99.3% of current browsers, among the highest available in the industry today.

All Comodo SSL certificates are issued from our own 2048 bit root keys, already meeting the US Government's National Institute for Standards and Technology's post 2010 recommendation for SSL root key strength.

Don't risk future operational problems by performing critical testing with SSL certificates not issued by a leading Certification Authority - Test with confidence with a Comodo Certificate.