White-Label Cloud

Lowest Suggested Retail Price + 30% Margin

Your competition will be offering Cloud Services soon, if they don’t already. Partner with Brinkster by becoming a VAR or White-Label Cloud Reseller and leap frog your competition. You are in a unique position to leverage your existing customer relationships and trusted brand to win business, but only if you can get to market quickly with the right solution.

Brinkster offers the lowest suggested retail price combined with the highest margins (up to 30%) in the industry.

Brinkster is in a unique position to do this because of its patent pending proprietary hardware platform. This platform reduces the overall cost structure and increases quality of service. Brinkster is one of four service providers in the world with their own proprietary hardware platform – the others are Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

VAR & White-Label Cloud Opportunity
  • Full Suite of Cloud Services
  • Prices Below Amazon Web Services
  • Earn up to 30% Margin, 50% Blended
  • Resellers and Sub-Resellers
  • Master Agent Availability
  • Set Your Own Prices
  • White-Label or Powered by Brinkster
  • Go to Market in only 14 days
Cloud Services Features
  • Single "Pane of Glass" Control Panel
  • Self-Provisioning Portal
  • Launch Virtual Machines "On-the-Fly"
  • Multiple OS Available
  • Launch & Manage Across Data Centers
  • 24/7/365 Technical Suport
  • 99.99% Cloud SLA

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