We believe in developing partner relationships based on industry-leading expertise, quality of service and trust. With that as a foundation, we understand the care our partners take in developing and maintaining their own client relationships. This is why we have created two distinctly different partnership programs: the Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program and the Independent Rep Program.

Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program

Value Added Resellers sell the complete line of Brinkster Managed Services under a Brinkster branded or white label offering. An Account Manager is assigned to each reseller that assists with training, quoting and sales growth.

Program Benefits:

  • Expand your service offerings, offer your customers a more complete solution.
  • Associate your business with Brinkster (13 yr. veteran in the industry).
  • Leverage the capabilities, team, and existing client relationships of Brinkster.
  • Increase loyalty of your existing customers with additional services.
  • Receive Discounts from standard pricing and setup fees.
  • Preferential pricing on Windows Server Licensing.
  • Preferential delivery on limited inventory and promotional products.

Reseller Requirements:

  • Have a verifiable website, company name, and address.
  • Provide first level technical and billing support to your clients.
  • Receive and resolve SPAM, DMCA and Abuse reports of your clients.
  • Resell Brinkster’s services at or above listed pricing.
  • Provide an "added-value" layer of service to the basic Brinkster service offering.

Independent Rep Program

Brinkster has customers in almost every country around the world. In the countries where we have larger concentrations of customers we are looking for talented people and companies to represent us. Independent Reps work under the Brinkster brand on an independent contractual basis. An Independent Rep’s role entails selling or introducing Brinkster products to new or established clients, and sometimes in close conjunction with a Brinkster Account Manager. Customer interfacing includes requests for quotations, lead times, order placement, and communicating pertinent information proactively back to customers. Additionally, an Independent Rep. handles the project execution actions and overall coordination of these service activities between support and IT.

Program Benefits:

  • Sell a menu of trusted and reliable solutions.
  • Provide “Account Manager” type support, let Brinkster handle the rest.
  • Help customers gain access to the benefits of cloud hosting.
  • Leverage the existing client relationships of Brinkster.
  • Receive monthly residual payments.

Independent Representative Requirements:

  • Able to work in fast-paced, self-directed entrepreneurial environment.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Highly Knowledgeable about IT infrastructure.
  • Excellent telephone sales personality skills.
  • Should be expert in Microsoft software solutions.
  • Prominent organization and presentation skills.

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