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What settings should I use to manage my own DNS Articles
If you do not want Brinkster to manage the DNS for your domain and you would prefer for you or your domain registrar to manage the DNS for your domain, you will need to do the following:

1. Make sure that you've associated the domain with your account. Although we will not manage the DNS for you, the domain will need to be configured on the web server that your site is hosted on.

2. You will need the web server and mail server IP addresses.

Special Note
To find the specific IP address for the web server your site is on, log into your Brinkster account, select the 'Control Panel', and then choose the Website Settings.

Brinkster Mail Server IP Address
You need to first point your MX record to
Then you need to point to the IP address of the mail server. Brinkster's mail server IP is:

Special Note
You will need to contact Brinkster support to find the mail server IP address associated to your account. You can contact Brinkster support through Live Chat at: