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How do I update my nameservers Articles
Brinkster's Domain Name Servers

#1 Hostname : NS1.BRINKSTER.COM
#2 Hostname : NS2.BRINKSTER.COM

If the domain was registered through another registrar
1. Go to the website of the registrar you used to register your domain name and log into your account with them
2. There should be a "Manage DNS" section. You may need to contact their support for assistance finding this section.
3. You will need to replace the current domain name servers (DNS) with Brinkster's nameservers.

If the domain was registered through Brinkster
1. Select the Domain Manager from the Control Panel
2. Select Manage by the domain you wish to update
3. Choose Update Name Servers
4. Enter the name servers of your host
5. Click the submit button

If you are not sure who your domain registrar is, you can do a WHOIS lookup on your domain to display this information.
If your registrar's name is listed in the search, you can go to the "Referral URL" to make changes to your domain name. If you are not sure how to do a WHOIS lookup, you can contact Brinkster Support to find out who your domain registrar is. We will be glad to help you find this information.

You will also need to contact support via live chat to have this domain added to the DNS for your account.

Once your modifications have been submitted, it will take 24-48 hours before your new information will be visible on the
Internet. This 24-48 hour delay is due to zone file propagation. The zone files, which update the Internet, are not transferred
instantaneously. They take at least 24 hours to upload to the Main Root Servers which, in turn, spread information throughout
the Internet. This can create delays of up to 48 hours before changes are visible in a WHOIS database.

These updates are made at 12 a.m. & 12 p.m. Eastern Time. Requests received and completed by these times will be
included in the following zone file update.

** Important ** Brinkster has recently implemented the use of the name servers. If you are using NS1.EWEBCITY.COM and NS2.EWEBCITY.COM, you will need to update these to the nameservers listed above.