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Why did my domain stop working Articles

There are a number of reasons why a domain name may not load your Brinkster hosted site. Please go through each of the numbered items in the Domain Name Checklist below to help determine why your domain is not active:

Domain Name Checklist:

1. Make sure that you've registered the domain. 
    Use a WHOIS lookup to verify this.

2. Make sure that you've transferred the domain to point to our name servers. and
    Use the WHOIS lookup to verify this also.

3. Make sure that the domain is, in fact, associated with your Brinkster account. When you login to your account via our web site, you can see the domains associated with your account listed in the Email Manager. To add a domain to your account, please contact Brinkster support at any time.

4. If your domain previously loaded your Brinkster hosted site and no longer works, make sure that the domain has not expired. You can check the status of your domain by conducting a WHOIS lookup or by contacting your domain registrar. If the domain has expired, you will need to renew your domain registration with the company that you registered the domain with.

If the above conditions have been met, contact us in live chat with the following information:
a. Your Member Name
b. The Domain Name in question
c. The specific details of the problem you are experiencing