FREE Developer Package

Are you tired of Google ads and all other outsourced solicitations on your free website? Look no more. Brinkster has been an industry leader in free web hosting since 1999. Whether you're a homemaker, a small business owner or a savvy developer you can have a free website! Sign up today, it's FREE!
Free Developer Package Included Features:
30 MB Web Space
2 GB Web Traffic
Control Panel
Virus Protection
Brinkster Mail
Website Builder
Referral Program
24/7/365 Live Support
FREE Developer Package Features
Ideal for: Developer
Package Features
30 MB Web Space
2 GB Web Traffic (limited to 66 MB web traffic per day)
Brinkster Control Panel
Supported Technologies
ASP 3.0
XML 4.0
WAP Enabled
Flash Enabled
SSI - Server Side Includes
MDAC 2.8
MS Access
.NET Mobile Internet Toolkit
Online File Manager
Data Center / Server Features
Windows 2003 IIS 6
Hot Swappable Hardware With Redundant File Storage
Fully Redundant Connections to an OC48 Backbone
Network Firewall
24/7 Network Monitoring
24/7 Web Server Monitoring
24/7/365 Support by Email
Unlimited Access to Brinkster Code Bank
Miscellaneous Features
Traffic Stats
Limitations of the Free Web Hosting Package
Website Address =
2 GB Web Traffic (limited to 66 MB web traffic per day)
1 MB Max File Size
No Offsite File Loading
No Audio / Video Files
6 Month Login Requirement