Data Center

Located in near disaster free Phoenix, Arizona, we manage our own datacenter using state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices. Our datacenter provides you with the rock solid IT infrastructure that you need to succeed. You can feel confident that when you purchase services from us, you are buying directly from the source. Data center features:

  • N+2 Redundant Primary Power Architecture
  • N+1 Redundant Chilled Water Cooling and Air Handling System
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring by Brinkster Personnel
  • Diesel Power Generator Backup
  • Biometric Access Control Security
  • Advanced Smoke Detection (VESDA) and Fire Prevention System
  • Maintained by Industry Certified Engineers

The building that houses the Brinkster datacenter is supplied with electricity from three separate grids of power (N+2 redundancy). This makes the building and datacenter somewhat unique as most datacenters are not connected to their local electricity provider from three points. The result of being connected to three power grids is that we will not be without power during rolling blackouts. Even if two of the three grids of power were to go out, we would still have power from the third grid. In the extreme rare case that we do lose power from all three power grids, our backup diesel power generator will take over and supply the needed electricity.

What is N+# redundancy? The letter “N” represents Need or the number of grids of power required to operate (which is 1). The “+#” represents the number (#) of power grids that are available should the primary power grid source fail.

In the event of a power loss (sourced from three separate grids of power) the diesel powered generator would take over and supply the needed electricity. The 1,000 KW Generator is made by Caterpillar – the world’s largest manufacturer of high-speed diesel generator sets and engines. The generator is supported by a maintenance contract with a locally sourced Caterpillar diesel generator expert. Brinkster also does quarterly maintenance and annual load bank testing (tests the full generating capacity of the generator).

Since Brinkster has been operating this datacenter (October 2004) we have not had a power outage that required the use of our backup diesel power generator.

These two units (N+1 redundancy) chill water to supply to air handlers in the datacenter to aid in the production of cold air to cool the datacenter floor. Each of the units operates independently; this allows one of the units to sufficiently supply all of the needed cold water in the event that the other unit fails.

The inside of the Brinkster data center is equipped with N+1 air handlers, triple fire prevention and detection (including a VESDA system), and biometric security access control.