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Your first ASP Page ... Step by Step

What is ASP... It is a development framework that allows you to make your web pages dynamic, including accessing databases.

What do I need to write ASP... a text editor (Notepad will do) and web server space that supports ASP (Brinkster does).

My first ASP web page... Follow the instructions below to write your first ASP web page:

NOTE: Do these steps in another browser window so that you can refer back to this page.

1. Become a member at brinkster.com
2. Click on 'Build a Site', Login if you have not already
3. Click on 'File Manager'
4. Click on 'Create New File'
5. Copy the following code into the box for the new file:

Response.Write("Hello World...")

6. Save the file as hello.asp
7. Open a new browser window and go to www??.brinkster.com/membername/hello.asp
8. You are done! Congratulations on creating your first ASP web page.

Where do I go from here... you can check out the code library where you will find many how to's you can learn from or check out the message forums for support.