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Here's How it Works.
Step 1 - Get your QUICK LINK
You can place this link in your emails, guestbook, or even message board, and we'll be able to automatically track the signups received though that link. Just replace the “USER-NAME” portion with your actual Brinkster username.
Copy the QUICK LINK below.
Step 2
You tell your friends and colleagues about Brinkster's awesome service, reliability, and customer support. You recommend that they use Brinkster for their email and web hosting needs. You tell them to use your QUICK LINK to direct them to Brinkster.

- They sign up.
Step 3
Now that your friends and colleagues have signed up with Brinkster, you start receiving your commission checks. You like the idea of free money, and decide to refer some more people to Brinkster. There's no limit!

- It's that simple.
Remember, there's no limit!
Remember, there's no limit to the number of referrals
you can have with Brinkster Referral Program.
Commission Schedule
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Billing Terms Commission Billing Terms Commission Billing Terms Commission
1 Month $4.99 1 Month $8.99 1 Month $19.99
12 Months $47.94 12 Months $95.94 12 Months $221.94
24 Months $71.88 24 Months $155.88 24 Months $419.88
All you need is a Brinkster user account. Don't have one?

Get one for free.