Valid Character Scanner v1

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Description:  A very simple function, can be used in conjunction with my other basic form validation function, which can also be found under the Visual Basic Script codebank section. The function uses three variables, theString, numFrom, and numTo theString is a string of text, for example this description. numFrom is the starting character. numTo is the ending character. To use, setup a line of code like this: checkForValidChars("hello!",33,33) Basically, 33 is the character "!", or to put it simply, the exclamation point. You can check for a range of characters, 33 to 36 for example, or one character, 33 to 33 for example. Feel free to check out for some more cool programming stuff, and check out for a complete list of all 255 special characters. Email me at if you have any comments. Thanks! Jon
Language:  Visual Basic Script

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