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Description:  Although basic, this guestbook should suit any average website and only requires very basic VBScript knowlege to use. New posts are read by the server and unwanted material is filtered out before the post is written to the text file. This guestbook has been crammed into a single application, is self contained and requires the minimum of setting up before use. Features of the guestbook include: > Profanity filter. > HTML filter. > Customisable. > Minimal setup. Before use, you should set up the profanity filter by replacing the profarr="replace,this,string,with,words,you,want,to,block,BEFORE,using,this,guestbook!" line with banned words split by a "," and replace "YOUR_USER_NAME" with your Brinkster user name. Administration is manual with editing and deleting done via the Brinkster File Manager.
Language:  Visual Basic Script

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