Server-side XSLT using ASP

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Description:  After spending two days trying to find a simple server-side XSL transformation that works on Brinkster, I found this one buried in a discussion Brinkster forum that worked. From what I could tell, hundreds of people on Brinkster are looking for this. If you are looking for a Hello World example of how to do XSLT on Brinkster, this is it. If anyone else has alternatives to this method that work, please please please post your code snippet! As far as I know, this is the only way that works with Brinkster. After scouring the forums, I noticed people are also looking for a simple example on how to write to or update an XML file in the DB directory (apparently, the DB directory is the only place you can write to). I cannot find anything that works. If you find a way that is Brinkster compatible, please post your code snippet! Thanks!
Language:  XML

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