Posting a message (with smilies)

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Description:  (people complain that this doesn't work, so i updated it to try to make it completely fool proof, no offense) This code allows a user to post a message on a page. 3 files are needed. -home.asp (PUT IN BASE DIRECTORY) -postit.asp (PUT IN BASE DIRECTORY) -db/poster.txt (PUT IN DB DIRECTORY) -make a smilies directory and put all your favorite smilies in it (the code reads every single smilie from this foler and manipulates it from there) You can rename them by looking for these names in the code and changing them to your desire. If the text file is blank, then an error will occur. So fill it in temporarily and take it out after a message is posted. example that it works (in speak your mind section)
Language:  Visual Basic Script

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