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Description:  This is a script that does a simple voting poll. You can put it in an IFRAME if you wish to have a small voting poll that will update on your page, or do what you will. I redid this script to allow for the use of solid color images to display bar graphs instead of just writing out the percentages. I also redid the percentage calculations so they will be more accurate and should be closer to adding up to 100, if they don't add up to 100 all the time. I named the file PollScript.asp, but if you name it something else make sure you update the variable named "strThisFile" which is at the top of the page in the GLOBAL VARIABLES Section. Make sure to modify the strFileLocation string to match where your database directory or other write-permissible directory is at. I commented the page thoroughly so it shouldn't be too hard to find what you want to change.
Language:  Visual Basic Script

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